Mud and Ink exhibition at the Serpentine

Serpentine Kicks off the year with MUD and INK.
The SERPENTINE COMMUNITY ART GALLERY ANNOUNCES A NEW EXHIBITION Mud and Ink featuring local printmakers impacted from the floods.
The Serpentine Art Gallery will open its newest exhibition at 6pm Friday 20th January 2023 showcasing the works of 15 local print makers curated by Steve Giese who himself experienced great loss to his life’s work and home this year.
This exhibition is a tribute to all the print makers who lost it all in the floods, except for their determination and talents to get up and start it all over again exploring the chaos of Mud and Ink.
Dean L Heaton a print artist showing in the “Mud and Ink” said –

Untitled by Dean Heaton

Untitled by Dean Heaton

“My studio was flooded and I was unable to print anything until June, Currently I’m working on a series of prints reflecting that time, the situation we were in and how I not necessarily feel but a perception of the situation from an objective point of view.”
Penelope Sienna comment “There are tens of thousands of unresolved flood stories swirling around our region some are told loudly calling for action and resolution, while others are shared quietly or not at all. There are always those who fall through the cracks. During times of hardship, it is the generosity and kindness of friends and strangers alike that give me the hope and will I need to carry on until things are better. The wings of kindness will carry us through”
Wings of Kindness by Penelope Sienna

Wings of Kindness by Penelope Sienna

There will be 15 stories in print form with different experiences making for varied and fascinating collection. At different moments, the exhibition exudes a sense of discovery, contemplation and optimism, engaging viewers in works which express the lives in limbo moving forward once again.
Mud and Ink is on exhibition until the 6th of February. 2023 3/104 Conway St. Lismore. Contact Serpentine for more info.“>Follow the Serpentine Gallery on Facebook.

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